Allergies and Ear Problems


I also have chronic sinus infections.  Things tend to settle down intermittently but flare up quite often.  I can even feel moisture when I put my finger in my ear but my doctor says he doesn’t see any fluid.  OTC allergy pills help a little but it never goes away.  The ear problems are getting the best of me, expecially at night when I am trying to sleep and the under water / ringing really kicks in.  Any suggestions?


Thanks for asking about uncontrolled allergy symptoms.

You have described exactly how allergy patients feel when they have too much mucus in their sinuses, nose and ears.   Allergy sufferers have “wet heads” with too much mucus that keeps on flowing, especially at night.  Patients with wet heads get sick often, because there is always soup in their sinuses and middle ears for bacteria to grow in.

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I hope this info is helpful.  Thanks again for asking.  Be well…

Steve Kagen, M.D.


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