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Steve Kagen, M.D., in a mission to improve the lives of people who suffer with allergy and asthma, has created free tools to help you with tracking and discovering the triggers of your symptoms. Answer a few questions and you will discover why you feel the way you do. With four decades of medical, immunology and allergy expertise, Dr. Kagen, M.D. is at the forefront of the treatment of allergic conditions and is serving patients in Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

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We are happy to offer two powerful tools for learning more about your allergy and asthma triggers and symptoms, that can help in your journey to managing your allergy conditions and living your best life.

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Discover how the weather and your environment affect your health!

Take regular, simple symptom tests to create your unique Aller-Rhythm® display, revealing your daily personal forecast for experiencing allergy and asthma symptoms.

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Sensitometer Test app allergy sensitivity

Sensitometer ®


Find out how sensitive you are to allergens!

If your body over reacts to changes in humidity, cold air, pollution or changes in your hormones, you may be hypersensitive. Hypersensitive people are not crazy! They are Hypersensitive to anything that changes inside or outside of their bodies. Take the Sensitometer™ test and share your unique Degree of Sensitivity with your family, friends and personal physician.

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Dr. Kagen, creator of KagenAir ®  and Sensitometer ® test apps, is available to help your family!

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the kagen allergy ® report

primary allergens today


  1. Grass
  2. Cattail
  3. English plantain
  4. Nettle

mold spores

  1. Cladosporium
  2. Ascospores
  3. Basidiospores
  4. Cerocspora
  5. Alternaria
  6. Epicoccum
  7. Periconia
  8. Smuts
  9. Nigrospora
  10. Polythrincium

Risks for Allergy + Asthma Symptoms in NE Wisconsin







mold spores

Very High


(PM 2.5)


54.6 ug/m³



10.1 ppb

Your risk for experiencing asthma symptoms due to Ozone depends on your hypersensitivity score.

air quality: a world view

The video below shows aerosol emission and transport from September 1, 2006 to April 10, 2007.  Also included are locations, indicated by red and yellow dots, of wildfires and human-initiated burning as detected by the MODIS instrument on NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites.

Today's allergy fact

July 5, 2020

Allergy sufferers experience more symptoms on windy days because pollen and mold spore levels go up with the wind. Outdoor activities for hay fever sufferers are best scheduled during calm days.

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