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Allergy specialilst, Steve Kagen wrote The Allergy Family ® Guide just for you. This educational program will assist you and your family in understanding more about allergy and asthma symptoms and their control. "Allergy and asthma are the most frequent causes of absenteeism from school, and after studying these lesson plans, I trust you will be breathing better."

Have fun learning more about the world around you!


the allergy family ® guide has been recognized for its outstanding content

EPA Children's Environmental Health Recognition Award for creating The Allergy Family ® Guide, the nation’s first classroom-ready asthma and allergy education program for 5th grade students and their families.

American Academy of Allergy, Allergy, Immunology Community Outreach Winning allergist

Winner of the Community Outreach Award from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

how much do you know about allergies?

TRUE OR FALSE? The word allergy means too much immunity or hypersensitivity.

TRUE OR FALSE? Asthma tends to run in families.

TRUE OR FALSE? Asthma medicines help relax the brain.

TRUE OR FALSE? Banana allergens are related to birch pollen allergens.

Test your knowledge and find these answers to these questions and more in the Allergy Family Guide.

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Helpful tools for teaching a classroom or your own family about allergies and asthma are available for free in the Allergy Family Guide. Puzzles, quizzes and games make learning about allergies and how to control them fun.

the allergy family tree

activities for kids to learn about allergies and asthma

design the best allergen

doctor created asthma allergy teaching materials

allergy crossword

activities to teach about allergies and asthma

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